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Data Collect is a leading Czech independent fieldwork company. We offer first class data collection and data processing in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and CEE region. Data Collect is a partner and data supplier of research companies, advertising and media agencies, consultants and public administration. Our service portfolio includes a wide range of data collection techniques such as CATI research (Telephone interviews), On-line research (Internet, Intranet), Face-to-Face, Mobile research (Mobile Panel). Our services will satisfy both you and your clients.

Our main focus is on the following principles:


At Data Collect we believe, that highly experienced and motivated professionals are the basis, that helps us build up a solid position on the market. Welcome to Data Collect.

Our values

  • Unique solution for unique clients
  • Reliability and Quality
  • Inovation
  • Proffesional services

Our specialists will gladly recommend the most convenient method of interviewing. In the realisation phase of the project, we put emphasis on a close contact with the client, so as to best know their needs and requirements. To ensure the quality of our services we have set up a range of control systems in our processes (control and evaluation of interviewers, screening of responses, verifying, etc). Data Collect is a member of ESOMAR – Proffesional market research organisation.

One-stop-shop research services

We provide innovative and profitable value-added services to save the time and money you‘ll normally have to spend with preparing of the survey. Data Collect offers to conduct your survey from the very beginning to the end, including translation, spell check, communication with other suppliers and partners, data preparation according to your needs, etc… We cooperate with our partners on a long term basis.

Speed and Flexibility

We put emphasis on satisfying the needs of our clients in the shortest possible time, obviously, keeping at the same time a high level of quality in our services. For that, we use the most modern technology and newest methods.


Our prices are more than competitive. We will be happy to show you that. Contact us to get detailed information.

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