Did we call you?

If you had a call or found a missed call on your phone from any of those numbers +420225020001, +420778168002, +420251171601, it was us,

Data Collect s.r.o.


About us

Data Collect make public opinion and market researches. Our clients are prestigious czech and international research agencies for which we conduct telephone interviewing. We are members of international ESOMAR and czech SIMAR research associations and are fully compliant with its ethical rules.


Where did we get your phone number from?

Phone numbers that we use normally comes from random number generator or was given to us by our client who perceive you as their customer.


Participation on research makes sense

By participation in a survey, you get a posibility to express your opinion, influence products, services and help companies and institutions to make right decisions. Last but not at least, you can get interesting incentives, cash or support a charity. If you want to know more, check out our project at iVyzkumy.cz.


How to refuse your survey participation?

It may happen that our generator picks your phone number for the survey participation and therefore we will call you. If you do not wish to be contacted, we offer you an option to insert your phone number on the list of forbidden numbers. Put your number into a formular below, press „Sent“ and we will not contact you anymore.

After confirming your in number in the form please it will take a while to process your request for to list your number to “no contact list” of forbidden numbers. It is due to technical reasons. It is possible that we would try to contact you during again with current project in meantime before your number is listed, please accept our apologies in that case.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any issues:

Data Collect s.r.o.
Geologická 575/2
152 00 Praha 5

 Tel.: +420 225 020 010